Nature Therapy
Wan Chai Pierside Harbour Chill | 11-27/ 6/ 2021 
Central & Western District Promenade (near Tamar Park) 
| 19
/ 6- 4/ 7/ 2021 

With artificial or semi-artificial nature as the skeleton and vegetation as the texture, the essence of Chinese gardens is to create infinite enchanting scenery in a definite space.

Renowned local product design studio Milk Design presents a set of 5 sense-opening works scattered in different location to help you immerse in the beauty of nature. They open your eyes and ears, heighten your sense of touch and engage you in mindful breathing and slow walking to rediscover the refreshing greenery at the heart of our city. Try the mindfulness exercise, engross yourselves in the present moment and catch a glimpse of a shimmering rainbow!

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