River of Light Central Harbourfront Event Space | 1-10pm | 5-15/ 6/ 2021

As the lifeline of Chinese gardens, flowing water evokes elegance and calmness, exuding extraordinary wisdom and inspiring a transcendent state of mind.

American creative studio Poetic Kinetics brings us the acclaimed ‘Skynet’ art series by world renowned artist Patrick Shearn. He took inspiration from Victoria Harbour to create the mid-air kinetic sculpture River of Light as the final act of ‘transFORM’. Composed of over 45,000 colourful streamers, the 700-square-metre sculpture flutters above the harbour and Hong Kong Island North day and night, and resonates with The Lead at the beginning of ‘transFORM’. With a light-reflecting band running through it, this symbolic river scintillates timelessly, connecting the past, present and future of our city with the life, growth and possibility of water. Come immerse in its dynamic yet tranquil presence and revel in Hong Kong's hustle and bustle in another light.

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