#APARTOGETHER | Habourfront of Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter | 5/ 6- 4/ 7/ 2021

Pavilions are the soul of Chinese gardens. In them we witness the changing tides of culture.

With a keen observational and analytical eye, local architectural and social design team One Bite Design Studio rethinks how public facilities should adapt to the new normal. The result is #APARTOGETHER, a series of umbrella-topped public furniture inspired by the ‘dragon pearl’ which guides the way of a fire dragon dance. Acting like the pavilions in Chinese gardens, they provide spaces for public space users to rest and hang out ‘together’ while their design keeps them ‘apart’. From enjoying a quiet sitting moment alone to having a solo ride on a merry-go-round, each of the furniture pieces is thoughtfully designed so that visitors can return to the public space with a piece of mind and enjoy me time apart but together.

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