#ppl_lean_&_learn_dd | Nam Cheong Park | 6-21/3/2021

A place full of life, SSP and its history are always about its people, colloquially known as 'kaifong', and their livelihood. It is brimmed with the heartwarming stories of its old kaifongs. Project Futurus and Walk in Hong Kong teamed up with the young people from '10 Stories 100 Pieces' (Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association) and CCHA to create a small-scale ‘everyday living room’ #ppl_lean_&_learn_dd which now standing in the central plaza of Nam Cheong Park. Made with recycled pallets and paper tubes, the installation displays SSP's stories and data so that we can 'lean and learn' in this inviting and relaxing living room, deepening our understanding of the community through the design, social and cultural lenses.
The work tells a collection of design stories reflecting the development of SSP and classic everyday designs, while presenting statistical data such as the number of households and age distribution together with characters illustrated by Don Mak. From the stories, we can distil an understanding of the fashion philosophy of our seniors – slightly cropped trousers, impeccable grooming and distinctive floral tops. Through the images of the old locals' everyday life captured by photographer Wong Liang-Yih between late 2019 and 2020, we can savour the unique charm and sentiment of SSP.

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