#ppl_&_meow_dd | Tai Nan Street Refuse Collection Point | 25/1-31/5/2021

The 'SSP_People’ journey starts at the junction of Boundary Street that marks Hong Kong's colonial past. Here you will find some adorable shop cats on the exterior murals of Tai Nan Street Refuse Collection Point awaiting you to kick start a fascinating visual journey.
From traditional shops to hip stores, a lot of businesses in SSP take on shop cats to help manage their customer relationships. These furry store managers all have their own personalities, communities and life stories. They inspired Kristopher Ho to team up with the young people from community organisation Hope of the City to create the 20-metre-long mural #ppl_&_meow_dd. It conveys his impression of shop cats, and the cotton flowers in the background symbolise SSP's robust textile trade.
According to informal statistics, there are about 500 cat managers in SSP. Apart from being killingly adorable, fluffy shop cats are also intrinsically curious and sensitive. Scan the QR code on the mural and you can watch the shop cat-themed short film ‘MEOW Shui Po’ made by filmmaker Bobyea who was trained under famous Japanese photographer Yokonami Osamu. Follow the footsteps of our veteran shop cat and uncover the close ties between the local shops in the neighbourhood from a feline angle, you will feel the human touch and discover intriguing everyday stories of SSP.

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