#ppl_upcycle_dd | ReMade Furniture at Shop Fronts | 6-21/3/2021

Standing on different corners of SSP, these 10 local shops, old and new, fulfil the community's needs of everyday commodities from umbrellas to books to leather. The coaches and students from '10 Stories 100 Pieces' (Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association) and Christian Concern for the Homeless Association (CCHA) work with the shop owners for #ppl_upcycle_dd to make upcycled and custom made furniture pieces through practicing informal design and using recycled materials, design thinking and woodworking skills. These shops are now spruced up by these new-yet-old, beautiful-yet-practical furniture. While appreciating these exhibits, visitors can also take in the characters of SSP's old and new businesses. 

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*After the exhibition period, the remade furniture series of #ppl_upcycle_dd will still be there to serve the neighbourhood. Shop owners may adjust each remade furniture for venue availability.