Hip Yee Hing Embroidery | Upholstered Chair
Shop 121, G/F, Block 20, Shek Kip Mei Estate, Nam Cheong Street

Hip Yee Hing is one of Hong Kong’s surviving traditional bedding shops. Its second-generation owner ‘Sei Yee/ Auntie Four’ learnt the craft of silk-cotton quilt-making from her father who founded the shop. Rattan mats were popular in this grassroots neighbourhood before air-conditioning became popular. Sei Yee’s crafty hands turned the mats into pillows, cushions and even swivel office chairs. The young participants learnt upholstering from her and breathed new life to an abandoned school chair.

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Collaborating Students and Teenagers
Cheng Hiu Laam
Ng Pan Tuen
So Cheuk Lam
Chan Ho Yeung

Special Thanks
Hip Yee Hing Embroidery