#ppl_weave_dd | Maple Street Playground  | 20/ 6- 4/ 7/ 2021

More than a supply base for the fashion industry, SSP is a source of design inspiration in its own right. A group of students from HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity weaved the installation #ppl_weave_dd using deadstock fabric gathered in SSP, processed in the neighbourhood, turning the fabrics into stripes. The work celebrates the district's distinctive characters.
Hung on the fence behind the goal in the sports ground, the large-scale tapestries were made of fabric strips woven into different shapes. The design turned the cold data of SSP's population and demographics into multifarious patterns and colours. Weaving wide-ranging patterns into a piece of textile art symbolises the harmonious merging of the diverse cultures in the district. Everyone, regardless of background and ethnicity, can find his/her place in this lively neighbourhood. Compare the shapes of the tapestries with the map of SSP and you will find them tallying with the shapes of several public parks viewed from above.

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*In response to the crowd and site control measures against COVID-19, the works of this design exhibition may be exhibited in different periods. In particular #ppl_weave_dd will be launched in later stage. Please refer to our official website and social media for the latest update.